Compassionate, quality care using medically sound methods to achieve and maintain weight loss, while promoting self-acceptance

An overview of our costs & payment:

At GMOS clinic our goal is to make our costs minimal. The extensive new patient office visit is a 2 hour visit that includes:

History and Physical done by Dr. Larimer. Educational booklet to keep patients on track about the program. Weight, measurements, and vital signs. The visit also includes a 45-minute physician presentation, often in a small group setting. Dr. Larimer reviews the complete body analysis with you and personally develops your weight loss program.

  • New patient visit – $195
  • Complete Body Scan – $10 
  • Basic Blood Tests – $80 (These tests include blood chemistries, liver functions, kidney functions, fasting glucose, fasting cholesterol panel, CBC (complete blood count), and thyroid screening study). If you wish, you can bring in recent labs done in the past 6 months for review.
  • EKG (may be required for some, decided based on medical history) – $50 for study and interpretation
  • Basic prescription medication for the program like Phentermine $20-$45 (if supplied by GMOS clinic)
  • Follow-up visits with the physician – $80 each

The total cost of the 2 hour New Patient Visit ranges between $225 – $370. The higher number includes EKG, Labs, Medicines, InBody Scan and Dr. Visit.

The total cost of the program depends on how long you work with us to lose your weight and how much help you need to keep from regaining the weight that was lost.


Insurance and Payment Options

We accept most major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, Amex & Discover. We also accept cash, checks, Care Credit and HSA account cards (Health Saving Accounts).

We do not accept insurance.  

Most medical insurance companies will not pay for services which have obesity, overweight or weight-loss as the reason you are at a physician’s office – even when it is vital for improving their client’s health. Just like they do not pay for cosmetic surgery, several health insurance companies still consider losing weight a personal cosmetic choice.

However, some insurance companies are changing. We will gladly provide each patient with a superbill document that can be sent to their insurance provider for reimbursement if your insurance provider covers medical care for the disease of obesity.

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