Compassionate, quality care using medically sound methods to achieve and maintain weight loss, while promoting self-acceptance

An overview of our costs & payment:

At GMOS clinic our goal is to make our costs minimal. The extensive new patient office visit is a 2-hour visit that includes:

History and Physical done by Dr. Larimer. Educational booklet to keep patients on track about the program. Weight, measurements, and vital signs. The visit also includes a 45-minute physician presentation, often in a small group setting. Dr. Larimer reviews the complete body analysis with you and personally develops your weight loss program.

New Patient Pricing:

  • Initial Visit   $225
    The initial visit is a 2-hour visit, including: detailed past medical and weight loss history, physical, 50-minute training lecture, program handbook, chromium nicotinate and Body Composition Scan.
  • Progress Checks 1-3   $80 each
  • Full Medical Recheck*   $110
    Recheck includes visit with Dr. Larimer and Body Composition Scan and chromium nicotinate.*
  • Progress Check 4-6   $80 each
  • Full Medical Recheck*   $110
    Recheck includes visit with Dr. Larimer and Body Composition Scan and chromium nicotinate.*

Starter Client Package: $500 ($60 Savings)**
This package is for the weight loss patient who wants to try us out. No results will occur with a single appointment and so this package includes the first 8 weeks of treatment (Initial Visit, Progress Checks 1-3, and Full Medical Recheck). Patients will get a feel for our supportive type of care and medical expertise. Patients, in this program, on average loss 4% to 12% their baseline weight by 12 weeks.

Changing Lifestyle Package: $750 (Over $175 Savings)**
This package is busting with value! Clients who take advantage of the “Changing Lifestyle Package” are serious about their weight loss and are committed to continuing their program. The best results occur with a consistent program and guided care of a medical professional. This package covers the first 6 months of treatment, which includes bi-weekly or monthly progress checks, three appointments with Dr. Larimer (a Board-Certified Obesity Specialist) and intermittent body composition scans. This package also comes with 10% off any food purchases made in the first 6 months.

If you are not interested in package pricing, please give us a call. We would be happy to come up with a plan that works for you!


*Body Composition Scan done at baseline, 10%, 20% and 30% weight loss or sooner if medically necessary to maximize muscle preservation. **Timelines are based on client’s weight loss progression aligning with desired medical outcomes. Client may need to be seen more often to obtain best results. Our goal will always be a positive, effective, and medically sound treatment plan. Starter Clients Package Appointments must be used within 6 months and Changing Lifestyle Package Patients appointments must be completed within 12 months or they will be forfeit. Packages do not include: medicines, additional supplements, EKG, lab work, or food products.


Payment Options

Health Saving Account card (HSA or FSA), Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover), Care Credit.

Most medical insurance companies will not pay for services which have obesity, overweight or weight-loss as the reason you are at a physician’s office – even when it is vital for improving their client’s health. Just like they do not pay for cosmetic surgery, several health insurance companies still consider losing weight a personal cosmetic choice.

However, some insurance companies are changing. We will gladly provide each patient with a superbill document that can be sent to their insurance provider for reimbursement if your insurance provider covers medical care for the disease of obesity.

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