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Why choose GMOS clinic for your weight loss program? — Successful results and experience!

Dr. Larimer is specialty trained and nationally certified JUST TO TREAT OBESITY (the disease of excessive weight) She is one of only 4 physicians in the state of Florida trained by the nationally recognized expert in Obesity Medicine Dr. Allen Radar* His program has an excellent success rate:

  • 97% lose weight at first month visit.
  • 78% who enter our maintenance program maintains some or all weight loss.
  • 80% who make a minimum 3 visits lose enough weight to reduce diabetes risk 50%.
  • Cholesterol and triglyceride numbers are improved without additional medicine, Blood pressure is improved and Diabetic sugar levels are reduced.


As a member of Obesity Society of America she adheres to the 15 criteria “principles of excellence” that all bariatricians are encouraged to follow. These include such things as always putting patients’ welfare above all, avoiding value judgments concerning a patient’s behavior, complying with all state and federal laws, providing adequate and truthful information to the patient about their disease, and cooperating fully with other physicians in providing medical care to every patient.

Scientific knowledge

As a Board Certified specialist in weight loss medicine, Dr. Larimer has completed hours of nationally certified continuing education and passed the American Board of Obesity Medicine examination to get this certification. Obesity Medicine physicians attend national conferences twice a year to maintain current knowledge on advances in obesity. Medical Bariatrics of America has many doctors lecture at national conferences and one physician is now an esteemed member of the American Board of Obesity Medicine setting the high bar of excellence for more future Obesity board certification examinations. Our Obesity doctor reads extensively, works with other physicians, and has given talks a local medical residency programs.

Compassion and understanding

Medical Bariatrics of America include many health care providers who struggle with the same disease called obesity. We understand the prejudices against the obese, the poor results usually obtained in weight loss attempts, and the complexities of weight loss and weight maintenance.

*Dr. Rader’s program has received national recognition and will be featured in a documentary by National Medical Reports. Dr. Rader was awarded the 2007 Bariatrician of the Year award by ASBP.

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Why a 2 hour first visit?

On your initial visit to GMOS clinic, we will do a full medical history and an physicial exam. We will also do only the blood tests and that are absolutely necessary. There are multiple causes of overweight and obesity that may be identified in some screening labs. Also, many consequences of overweight and obesity may cause abnormalities in blood testing. These must all be identified prior to beginning a weight loss program.

Most biochemical causes of overweight and obesity are fairly common. These can usually be identified in just some basic lab testing. However a few causes of overweight obesity are identified only with very unique and often very expensive lab testing (exotic testing). Many offices will do hundreds of dollars of blood testing on every patient to try to find the one patient with the very rare biochemical causes of obesity. This means in some weight loss programs patients spend hundreds of dollars on blood testing that wasn’t necessary.

At GMOS we do the basic profile on every patient. More “exotic” blood testing is performed only on patients that don’t progress with weight loss that can’t be explained. Only then, is the more expensive detailed testing ordered. This is always discussed with the patient in advance. Together MBA staff and the patient try to determine the least expensive way to obtain the labs.

An EKG (heart tracing) are ordered only as necessary patients who are at risk to have problems from either the process of losing the weight or possible side effects of some medications used in their program.

Every new patient joins with 1-3 other new patients in that same morning or afternoon office session to listen to Dr. Larimer give a thorough information lecture to help each person fully understand how we will be hacking the body’s metabolism in a healthy way to get it to start letting go of the fat stored in its fat cells. She will teach you the effective methods developed at Idaho Weight Loss to help each person understand and achieve their desired weight loss goals. Also, you will be taught about how the disease of Obesity needs to be treated by lifelong monitoring and recurrent therapy if any “fat attack” happens.

Lastly, each patient will again be seen and their personalized medical plan started before they leave the office that first day.