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Successful results and experience.

GMOS clinic is one of a group of small practices that are associated with Medical Bariatrics of America and Dr. Larimer has been trained by one of the top Obesity Medicine doctors in the United States.  This program has a fantastic record of accomplishment.  MBA is now tracking over 6000 patients that have been treated in this program in seven years.

97% lose weight at first month visit.

78% who enter our maintenance program maintains some or all weight loss

80% who make a minimum 3 visits lose enough weight to reduce diabetes risk 50%

Cholesterol and triglyceride improvements

Blood pressure improvements


The Obesity Medical Association has a set of 15 criteria “principles of excellence” that all Obesity Medicine Specialists (bariatricians) are encouraged to follow. These include such things as always putting patients’ welfare above all, avoiding value judgments concerning a patient’s behavior, complying with all state and federal laws, providing adequate and truthful information to the patient about their disease, and cooperating fully with other physicians in providing medical care to every patient.

Scientific knowledge

As a specialist in weight loss medicine, your doctor has passed written, oral, and on site examinations of this program.  Your physician attends national conferences to maintain current knowledge on advances in obesity. Some of the MBA doctors lecture at national conferences. The doctor reads extensively, works with other physicians, and speaks.

Compassion and understanding.

Many of MBA health care providers struggle with the same disease called obesity. We understand the prejudices against the obese, the poor results usually obtained in weight loss attempts, and the complexities of weight loss and weight maintenance.

Overweight and the obesity most often result from biochemical abnormalities in the body.  If diet and exercise is enough to help you lose weight and maintain the weight loss, then you do not need to see a doctor for weight control. However, if you have tried diet and exercise and were not successful, then you probably will benefit from medical specialist help.

Like most diseases, the science about obesity is rapidly evolving.  A nutrition plan or medication that is appropriate early in a weight loss program might need to change later in the program for the same patient. A doctor that has worked with thousands of weight control patients or uses programs developed and used on thousands of patients is more likely to be successful.  From his or her experience and training, a weight loss specialist is familiar with medical, nutritional, biochemical, and life factors that might be key for your weight loss success.

A Bariatric specialist is experienced in weight loss maintenance.  Plans will be offered to help you maintain your healthier weight.  Sometimes medicines also, may be offered to help.  A safety plan will be developed to help you not regain your weight and make sure you know when to call for help.

The effects of multiple attempts at weight loss at various weight loss programs when weight is just treated like a short term project—not a long term medical disease.

Because most medical insurance companies will not pay for services which have obesity, overweight or weight-loss as the reason you are at a physician’s office- even when it is vital for improving their client’s health. Just like they do not pay for cosmetic surgery, several health insurance companies still consider losing weight a personal cosmetic choice. However, some insurance companies are changing and we will gladly assist you in sending in your bill to your insurance for reimbursement.

AT GMOS clinic our goal is to make our costs minimal.  The basic new patient office visit is a 2 hour visit that includes:

History and Physical done by Dr. Larimer. Educational booklet to keep patients on track about the program.  Weight, measurements, and vital signs. The visit also includes a 45-minute physician presentation, often in a small group setting.  Dr. Larimer reviews the complete body analysis with you and personally develops your weight loss program.

We charge $145 for this extensive new patient visit and only $10 for the complete body scan.

Blood tests are needed during the first visit to appropriately determine individual needs. We have negotiated a contract with Quest lab so the basic tests only cost you $60.  These tests include blood chemistries, liver functions, kidney functions, fasting glucose, fasting cholesterol panel, CBC (complete blood count), and thyroid screening study (and these could easily cost you up to $300 at other labs).  If you wish, you can bring in recent labs done in the past 6 months for review.

For a safe weight loss program, an EKG may be required in some people. This is decided based on your medical history, physical exam, and other factors. The charge is $50 for the study and interpretation.

GMOS clinic will supply your basic prescription medicine for the program with an average cost of about $20-30 depending on what is needed for you.
Routine follow-up visits are monthly when in active weight loss.  You have the long first visit, then a 2 week follow-up then once a month. Follow-up visits physician charge is only $70 each.  By the 3rd visit many patients have lost between 5 to 7.5 % of their initial weight.

We will provide each patient with a super bill document that can be sent to their insurance provider for reimbursement if your insurance provider covers medical care for the disease of obesity.