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Cindi Larimer, MD

Brief Biography

  • Went to Medical School at UCLA in Los Angeles, California.
  • Trained at University of Florida in Family Practice.
  • Board certified in both Family Practice and Obesity Medicine.
  • Member Obesity Medical Association, The Obesity Society and American Academy
    of Family Practice.
  • Is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice.
  • Has worked in the North Central Florida area for the last 25 years. At Lake Butler, Live Oak, Perry, Lake City Medical Center, AGH, North Florida and Malcom Randall VAMC.
  • Ran a Weightloss and Wellness practice in Lake Butler for 6 years.
  • Was an assistant professor at University of Florida in family medicine and geriatrics for 7 years.
  • Holds Staff privileges at Lake Butler Hospital a and Gainesville VAMC.
  • Lives in Gainesville and she has an active interest in healthy life styles, healthy aging
    and self-improvement.

Why come to an Obesity medicine specialist for Weight Loss?

Overweight and the obesity most often result from biochemical abnormalities in the body. If diet and exercise is enough to help you lose weight and maintain the weight loss, then you do not need to see a doctor for weight control. However if you have tried diet and exercise and were not successful, then you probably will benefit from medical specialist help.

Like most diseases, the science about obesity is rapidly evolving. A nutrition plan or medication that is appropriate early in a weight loss program might need to change later in the program for the same patient. A doctor that has worked with thousands of weight control patients or uses programs developed and used on thousands of patients is more likely to be successful. From his or her experience and training, a weight loss specialist is familiar with medical, nutritional, biochemical, and life factors that crucial to your weight loss success.

A Bariatric specialist is experienced in weight loss maintenance. Plans will be offered to help you maintain your healthier weight. Some people may need medications used for a long time. A safety plan will be developed to make sure as best possible you do not regain your weight and you also know when to call for help.


Words from our friends

If you are looking for a Physician that really understands Obesity then look no further. Not only is she very knowledgeable but she is extremely caring and really listens to her patients. She’s not in a rush and will take the time to help you and support you on you’re journey to a healthier you. I should know she helped me lose and keep off 80 pounds. I owe my health and reversal of diabetes to her. Just go see her, do it. You won’t be disappointed.


I know Dr. Larimer personally, she is extremely compassionate and her goal is nothing more than to help people live healthier lives. You will not find a better doctor to help you with your journey.


Wonderful, caring doctor that goes above and beyond to listen and care to all of her client’s needs.


Good program, well conceived structure, very qualified and dedicated medical director.


I love Dr. Larimer I worked with her in the past and she truly cares for her patients. She will go out of her way to do anything she can to help someone. She is a great doctor and wonderful person!


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